The terms of services are applied on all the Online services provided by Real Cube Technologies. Please read carefully about the terms & conditions of the Realcube Technologies Private Limited.

The terms of services are applied on all the Online services provided by Realcube Technologies. Any kind of edition is strictly denied.


While creating an account, or continuing to maintain the account with us, you are acknowledging that you have read all the company’s terms & conditions in detail and you do understand all our terms of services and agree to be bound by them.

About Changes

  • Realcube Technologies has kept it’s rights already reserved to amend any/all these Terms and Conditions any time and even at your regular use of the Website/Services. Any alterations followed shall be convicted to be your acceptance of such change. You must check the Terms and Conditions regularly as well as with each & every project even if you are our regular client to avoid any disputes.
  • All the information given in our Website is the property of our company & protected by the copyrighted material. The use of our Website by any user will be at his/her own risk.
  • The only method of communication for contact about Website Designing & Development, SEO, Hosting & all other services is eMail. Realcube Technologies is not responsible for any task communicated on telephony or any Messenger chats.
  • Our work is started only after signing the contract personally & by full confirmation on E-mail.
  • Our working strategy has additional services in its contents for new & existing Customers But each of our work & department has it’s own conditions & no doubts charges also. We’ll charge extra for each & every additional service including all small or vast additions and editions.
  • All the tasks will be completely mentioned in the contract and/or the E-mail communication before starting the project. Edition after starting the project is strictly denied, if in any case acceptable will be surely increasing the cost of the project.
  • Realcube is only responsible for the completion of the deal written and/or mentioned in the contract & nothing else. Any single additional task or job is going to be charged extra.
  • Realcube is not responsible for promotions of the Customer’s Website. We are only dealing with designing & development of the Website and can only make your Website attractive & good looking. The responsibilities of services & promotions must be handled by the Website Owner himself/herself.
  • We only provide S.E.O.(Search Engine Optimization) & don’t take any Google top ranking responsibilities for all the projectshandled by us.
  • 45% of totally non-refundable payment must be paid immediately after confirmation and/or signing the contract in order to start the work.
  • If the client once agreed for the contract & after that suddenly during design/development phase stop giving us response. We’ll send a notice in that case & if still no response will come till 30 days after sending notice, Realcube will terminate the project without sending any information. If the client returns after termination, then we’ll have to begin the project again & it will cost the client full amount of the project & no funds from the previous deal shall be returned & even considered.
  • Realcube reserves the complete rights to change the hosting of it’s client anytime without any notice & to change the price yearly, without any negotiations.
  • The projects of applications & scripts completed by Realcube can’t be sold by the client without our permission. The resale & distribution of Realcube’s Web design code is forbidden as well.
  • We also reserve the right to cancel or terminate the project without any refunds if any inappropriate conduct, threatening behave, abusing done with any of our employee by the client. Any further communication then must be only via postal mail.
  • We’re placing a small link of our Realcube’s Website at the bottom Our client’s homepage stating that Website Design and S.E.O. is provided by Realcube and its link goes to our website. The client has no right to stop us from doing this.
  • Realcube is going to receive the full fund of Quotation before uploading the client’s Website on the World Wide Web. Client must provide all the details during good times of design or development & client is only responsible for all of his/her requirements & information as well. After completion, no editions will be done.
  • Realcube offers many options for projects, designs, redesigns & developments to the clients. Each design & option, plan and/or project has its own significance & cost. Once client has approved a particular option to start the project, it can’t be changed once started. If the client is willing to change the design or option, the process of change in the middle Or after starting the client’s will be charged extra.
  • Client must know that E commerce and C.M.S.(Content Management System) functionality and layout is sometimes fixed and it’s Impossible to implement the new changes in existing layout.
  • Realcube is not responsible for any failure, bug , errors, fault, warning in the website after the deal is over. We’re not responsible of any loss, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, claims etc. We’re also not taking responsibilities of any loss of earning due to the work carried out on behalf of the client.
  • Realcube is not going to make any claim about content of it’s websites may be lawfully viewed.
  • We’re testing every Website prepared by us on our defined server & assure its performance in front of you. But, in any case after finalizing the deal it doesn’t work due to project migration or any else errors, we’re going to rectify it under 10 days. After that, it is going to be charged separately.
  • Realcube is offering Free hosting and Domain for first year but are not providing any backup solutions. Realcube is not responsible for of availabilities of website or virus etc. on the server and website.
  • Client always keep in mind that hosting charges must be cleared within 10 days before hosting expiry date. Renewal of Hosting and Domain is on yearly basis. Client is always responsible for renewal of the Hosting & domain on time.
  • Client must agree to use all the web services of Realcube Technologies at his/her own risk.


We Don’t Offer telephony or any Messenger chat services to Our Clients. Only E-mail conversations are considered.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of India and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the (Jawalamukhi – Himachal Pradesh) Indian courts.